Sandra RobinsonPeterborough, Cambs, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Guardian


About Sandra:
I am a level 5 certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a Forrest Yoga guardian, registered as a Senior Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance. I have been assisting Ana Forrest from Berlin to Cape Town since 2009. I thrive on teaching workshops, retreats and continuous education for yoga teachers where space is created for students to fully immerse themselves, have room to simply be and to connect to their spirit. I also work in-depth and in small groups with Forrest Yoga teachers that come out of the Foundation Training with the specific aim to build community, to help them to be the best they can be and to teach them to hold space for themselves and their students in a compassionate way. I am currently training at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre and offer long-term body psychotherapy and biodynamic massage in Peterborough and Huntingdon. I teach and offer therapy in German and English. My interest lies in the transformational aspects of being completely oneself and embodied, dissolving the feeling of not being good enough. When we learn to put down our armour, become vulnerable and connect to ourselves and our environment authentically, change occurs. By letting go into who we are and by trusting our intuition and the magic we all carry inside, our relationships will be transformed. In turn, open and honest relationships will have an impact on the individual. Through my extensive body psychotherapy training and through being part of a group of inspirational and courageous people during that time I have come to understand the importance of relationships.