About Ana Forrest

Ana  Forrest is  an  inspiration  and  has  been  changing  people’s  lives  for  over 45  years. She  is  an internationally-recognized  pioneer  in  yoga  and  emotional healing. She is the Creatrix of Forrest Yoga, a mystic, visionary, philanthropist, author, and Medicine Woman. Ana crafted Forrest Yoga while working through healing from her own life’s traumas - abuse and addictions, the helplessness around the addictions, and the ongoing suffering from chronic injuries & illnesses. The process of healing herself inspired her to teach others about what really works to heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Forrest Yoga is a powerfully physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to integrate the transformative experiences from the mat into purposeful daily life. Forrest Yoga is now an exquisite collaboration between Ana and her husband Jose Calarco. He is our Musical Shaman, embodying and bringing alive ancient spiritual technologies, like Aboriginal culture through stories and song. He also teaches on the intelligence of the Vegan lifestyle and is the creative director of Forrest Yoga.

Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco came together in a “Synergistic Collision" of cosmic proportions. Integrating their worlds of Yoga, Music, Culture, Philosophy, Healing and Shamanism, they have transmuted Forrest Yoga into a sanctuary, where students learn to cultivate love and their own renewed sense of hope. Today Ana and Jose are at the forefront of the Yoga world, guiding its future and evolution. Together, Ana and Jose teach people how to use the tools of Forrest Yoga to move out numbness and connect to the rich spectrum of feeling and purpose.

“Our lovingly crafted yoga ceremonies include sacred music and invocation (led by Jose), smoke blessing, setting a healing intent, pranayama, and intelligent asana sequences. Savasana becomes a Dreamtime journey riding on Jose’s musical creations.” -Ana. The students get to develop their intuition and skill for moving energy and clearing out old emotions that are stuck in the the cell tissue. These actions are steps on the road to freedom. In the sanctuary of yoga ceremony, Forrest Yoga students hone their skills to build the life they so deeply desire. Each yoga session is an exhilarating journey into self discovery, cleansing and healing. So exciting! For Ana, this is her intent: “In teaching Forrest Yoga, I’m doing my part in Mending the Hoop of the People - to inspire the students to clear through the stuff that hardens them and sickens their bodies, so they can walk freely and lightly in a healing way, in a Beauty Way”.

Ana took her first yoga class at age 14 and became a certified instructor in 1975. Ana used yoga and Native American ceremony to save her own life. It is her intent to pass that lifesaving ability forward. Her study and clinical application of healing modalities is vast, and includes homeopathy, naturopathy, anatomy, reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral treatments, Shiatsu, regression therapy, reiki, chiropractic, polarity and hands on healing. All these inform her work and lead to her becoming a wise, intuitive teacher & healer. In her life-long love for evolving, Ana has journeyed into Indigenous Sacred ceremonies, like Sweat Lodge, Pipe Ceremony, Vision Quest, and Sundance, and has been informally adopted as a sister by Native American leader Debbie Finley Justus into her tribes. Ana has now taught and toured in over 33 countries.

Ana is at heart a woman of the wilderness. She has spent many years in the mountains and forests learning from the animals, trees, rocks, water, and the seasons. Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, Ana spent her early years training horses, dogs, cats, birds, and the occasional snake. It was a natural progression to move to teaching humans.

Since 2014, Ana has been learning from her husband Jose the ancient spiritual technology of healing by “Singing into the Bones”. She sings with Jose in their newly published songs.
“I’m happy and proud of this unfolding love through our music”. -Ana Forrest
Also in 2014, Ana became Vegan for 3 compelling reasons: 
  • Ecology: “with every meal I contribute to re- balancing the environment.”
  • Compassion and love for animals: “I no longer have to kill to live. I refuse to support the meat and dairy industry which tortures and murders animals.”
  • Building her personal health and luminosity: “as a Vegan, my suffering and the animal’s suffering (that I ingested) is slowly purging from my cell tissue. This leaves more room for the brilliance of my Spirit”.

Ana is a minister at Earth and Sky, an organization dedicated to teaching Native American ceremony, principles & art. Ana is a Certified Regression Therapist, and a graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University.  She is a Faculty Member at The University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and sits on the Board of F.A.R.E. Play (Foundation for Athletic Research and Education). Ana is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Origin Magazine, Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine, and Yoga Journal Magazine.

“I’m proud & honored to work with the US military.” Ana has worked with fighter pilots, ground crew, soldiers, and the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (“bomb squad”), at the US base in Lakenheath, England. In the US, she has taught war veterans in VA hospitals in Florida and Washington DC. She has received a medal of gratitude for her work with the wounded warriors of the Warrior Transition Battalion, and a medal of excellence for her work with veterans in Fort Carson, Colorado. Ana is a consultant to the United States Air Force 48th Fighter Wing, as well as to the Exalted Warrior Foundation.

Ana is the recipient of a Los Angeles Mayoral Commendation recognizing her outstanding teaching and healing work in the community, the first time a major U.S. city bestowed such an honor on a yogi or yogini.

Ana is the author of  Fierce Medicine, the book that represents the spiritual legacy from her earlier years, and contains the treasures that saved her life.  Released in May of 2011, Fierce Medicine is an extension of Forrest Yoga, and teaches you how to design your life in a way that makes you proud to live it.

Ana and Jose have a saying: “Authenticity in Spirituality can be gauged by our conduct in everyday life”. With their dedication to global healing, the couple co-creates a magical and safe arena for transformation. To learn from Ana & Jose means to dive into a transformational treasure chest. They continue to teach throughout the year around the world. Discover the sacred potency of JoseAna’s life’s work at a Forrest Yoga event by clicking here.

About Jose Calarco

Jose Calarco has a flourishing international career in the Arts, Health & Yoga, which has now spanned over a period of more than thirty years. In this time he has covered almost the entire spectrum of experience, from producer and administrator of large-scale events, to innovative artistic director in the fields of Dance, Film, Theatre, Yoga and Music. Jose’s extraordinary foresight & toil saw his company “Descendance Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre”  grow into one of Australia’s major international cultural exports. Jose was at the helm of the company’s rise in 1999, multi-tasking in marketing, box office, administration, computers, music, recording, writing, & as the artistic director. Descendance has realized its latent promise, already attaining many of its objectives & dreams, having now performed in over 40 countries & at many of the world’s premier events and festivals. In 2004 Jose orchestrated Descendance’s finest moment when they won the “World Indigenous Dance Title” in a field of 78 countries at the first ever cultural style Olympics in Seoul Korea, the event was hosted by UNESCO (United Nations). Jose’s was also at the forefront of the “World Music” and “Dance” movement in the eighties as a Director Producer and Performer with his companies “Flamenco Dreaming” & “Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre”.  
In 2014 Jose joined forces with international yoga legend Ana Forrest taking on the roles of “Ceremonial Director” and “Business Mentor “of Forrest Yoga. Jose brought his years of international experience & knowledge to the organization, providing artistic and cultural beauty into the training courses and workshops, embellishing the Forrest Yoga experience with his finely tuned skills as a singer, musician, and Medicine Man. Jose’s role as Co-Director & Teacher has seen Forrest Yoga bloom & evolve into fearless new horizons, incorporating Veganism, Shamanism, Aboriginality, Cultural Exchange, Live Music, Dance, Ancient Healing Techniques, Poetry & First Nation Philosophies into its curriculum. In today’s modern world of Yoga, Jose is truly one of a kind.

Together the “Twin Flames” Jose Calarco & Ana Forrest are awe-inspiring, guiding the evolution & future of modern Yoga, creating a comprehensive & profound system which incorporates healing the whole person on four levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual. Students are encouraged to begin a “Program of Insight” & follow “Dietary Guidelines” to accompany their daily Yoga practice. Designing an inspiring life of passion & purpose off the mat & reconnecting to nature is at the forefront of their teachings. Jose & Ana have already taken their progressive brand of Yoga to over 20 countries and 100 cities around the world.

As a music composer Jose offers a rich diversity of styles, covering Contemporary, Traditional, Classical, World, Folk, Pop, Rap, Ambient & Dance. Jose includes all these styles in Forrest Yoga. As a musical Shaman he skillfully creates “Dreamtime” soundscapes, which lure the students underneath their mental clutter & allows them to delve deeply on an internal vision quest, where they can begin to observe themselves from the lofty heights of their own spirit. 

Jose Calarco music with Ana Forrest is available through: ITunes & Spotify:

Jose Calarco music with Descendance “Creation CD” ITunes & Spotify

Jose Calarco YouTube music channel   

Jose Calarco with Descendance YouTube music channel                                                            

Jose has been producing performances at international corporate events now for over twenty five years; his illustrious audiences have come from the fields of Science, Technology, Medicine, Health, The Performing Arts, and Politics. Jose has produced Indigenous performances for international celebrities such as The Dali Lama, Queen Elizabeth, Justin Timberlake, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Baz Lurhman, Janet Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Urban & Russell Crowe.

The world’s oldest living culture “The Australian Aborigines” a people dating back at least 40,000 years, have managed to reach unprecedented international exposure through Jose’s management & direction of “Descendance.” Jose’s ability to secure a blue chip client base, perform at the world’s most prestigious events, and at the same time gain immeasurable worldwide TV and Media exposure, has given the Indigenous peoples of Australia an international stage to tell their stories & speak of their plight.                    Jose’s strategic touring of the “world’s oldest living culture” in over 40 countries, has landed Descendance into the Australian history journals, their website is now stored in the national archives of Canberra (Australia’s capital city) Giving Descendance the honor of going from performers to historians.
José Calarco has directed four successful international performing dance companies, which include: Descendance Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre: Ngaru Aboriginal Dancers: Flamenco Dreaming, and Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre. Jose also gained valuable administration experience from managing three high profile arts companies in Sydney, Halftix (an internationally renowned discounted arts box office), The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust (Australia’s initial funding source for the arts), and Ticketek (Australia’s premier box office). His five years as a film buyer & programmer for international cinema giants “Village Roadshow” helped broaden his general knowledge and skills across the arts.

Each Forrest Yoga event uses Jose’s musical talents and artistic finesse to spread Beauty
and create a renewed sense of love and hope. Using the ancient spiritual technology of ‘singing into the bones’ for healing, Jose teaches intimate connection to Spirit through his original music, philosophy, writings, and insight into Indigenous culture.

Jose’s experience as a faith healer and Medicine Man spans over 30 years. He has collaborated with Indigenous wisdom keepers like Medicine Woman and Australian cultural treasure Kathy Marika of the Yirrikala People of central Northern Australia, and he co-created Descendance Aboriginal with Indigenous elder and Song Woman Imelda Willis of the Yidinji and Kandju tribes. Imelda is Jose’s Spiritual Mother, and was a rare woman who had been fully initiated. She adopted him into her tribes in Far Northern Queensland, Australia. Jose’s relationships with Imelda Willis and with Kathy Marika are not Apprentice relationships, but equals sharing knowledge and hope. Jose’s extensive travels with Descendance to over 40 countries has guided him to participate in a multitude of Indigenous ceremonies with a vast array of different cultures from around the world.