Kora Tien KinardColumbus, Ohio, United States
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Kora Tien:
I liked yoga when I discovered it in high school but truly fell in love with it when I dived into a Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training on a hunch, after college, while in search of my path, which I had lost. This search compelled my to seek out a better way to process, in which Forrest Yoga is powerful! My life has been earth-shakingly heartwrenching since my training - I am so grateful for the tools of Forrest yoga. I share forrest yoga in private session because I so value the sense of freedom and playfullness it gives that I feel the need to pass it on so that others can also walk through rocky times. (I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and went to school in Colorado, in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains by which I am inspired. I love calling in the four directions, hanging upside down, aerial dance, trees, salsa dance, angora sweaters, writing poetry, eating colorful food, and the energy of a Forrest yoga class.) My travels are another inspiration to me. And I have shaved my head more than once.