Amy-clare FidgettDundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Forrest Yoga Associate


About Amy-clare:
Amy-Clare is a graduate who came to Forrest Yoga classes for the first time here at Heart Space when her son started nursery school. Over several years of practicing this energising and supportive yoga she tuned into teaching. Bringing light, energy and colour to each practice - expect something delightful every time you come to class.

From a background of childcare and entertainment, Amy-Clare brings something unique and very special to Parent and Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga classes and Kids Yoga. Reminding us all we need to play, to laugh and to challenge ourselves to always be the best version of ourselves. Every day can include a diet of songs, music, dance, stories, and play.

With a passion for anatomy and a curiosity for knowing how and why, Amy-Clare has studied Anatomy and Physiology, Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Swedish Massage Therapy. Bringing these tools to one to one sessions of yoga or with hands on therapy can help to make big changes in your body and your outlook.

Using these hard won skills, and now as a teacher Amy-Clare brings healing assists and variations within the exceptional framework of Forrest Yoga. This practice is dedicated to making yoga fulfilling and accessible. Amy-Clare is approachable, and willing to learn even more to answer your questions. Come along and give her a challenge!